I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

What Do You Write About?

I know what you’re think­ing. It’s only the sec­ond day of the chal­lenge I set myself, to post to my blog every­day from now until the end of the year, and already I’m ask­ing the ques­tion of what do I write about.
I would imag­ine it’s a famil­iar sto­ry to any­one who’s decid­ed to under­take such a chal­lenge. Going from bare­ly writ­ing or post­ing to your blog to post­ing every­day it’s only nat­ur­al to find your­self won­der­ing what to write about. If I hadn’t been here before it would be a big wor­ry, it might even be so dis­cour­ag­ing that I would just aban­don ship straight away. Whilst this morn­ing when I decid­ed it was time to write today’s post I didn’t have any­thing in par­tic­u­lar I want­ed to write about I know that if I keep going and post­ing each day I will even­tu­al­ly end up with too many sub­jects to write about. It’s the nature of the beast, the more you do it, the more ideas you have.
There are a num­ber of dif­fer­ent tac­tics that I’ve come across over the years that are aimed at help­ing you come up with sub­jects to write about. Unsur­pris­ing­ly none of them have ever worked for me, but there is one thing that does. I know it works because I’ve demon­strat­ed it in oth­er parts of my life, be it read­ing my bible or doing the work for my free­lance business.
Show­ing up every day.
So here I am, show­ing up. A new sheet in Ulysses, my head­phones in and I’m writ­ing. In fact through the course of writ­ing this post I’ve already come up with the top­ic for tomorrow’s post. There it is in action. Show­ing up today has trig­gered the process. The more you do some­thing the more idea’s you have, the first step is show­ing up.