I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.


The desire to tinker is strong in this one.
I have this prob­lem when it comes to my blog. The more I start to post to it, the more I want to tinker. The more act­ive I am on the site, the more I notice little things I don’t like and want to fix. The more I post to it, the more I want all my inter­net post­ing to ori­gin­ate on it. It’s like an illness.
It’s some­thing I’ve always struggled with, and I con­fess it’s a side to blog­ging that I enjoy. The trouble is, the more I tinker the less I post. The more I craft the design, the less time I spend writing.
It’s a battle, although one I’m sure I do not face alone. It’s not just the battle of a blog­ger, it’s a battle of a design­er. Most of the tinker­ing I do is design related, little details and quirks in my theme which I notice but very few oth­ers will. I also know from exper­i­ence, that I will get to the point where I’ve caught the little tweaks I need to and they will be fixed. Then it’s just a case of res­ist­ing the big­ger things I’d like to do. Or at least knock­ing off the major ones first, like find­ing a way to post pho­tos here and on Ins­tagram, dis­play­ing them in a way I’m happy with. The key though, is to keep the posts flow­ing. Keep to my chal­lenge of post­ing every­day, and get­ting through the tinker­ing stage until I get to the point where I’m just post­ing each day and all my pub­lished con­tent ori­gin­ates here.
Or is it just a pipe dream? Should I just keep post­ing and ignore the little bits that nag?
But I know I can­’t just ignore the nag­ging. I’m a design­er, I like details and its in my nature to keep refin­ing bits until they’re gone. To keep craft­ing until they as close to per­fect as can be, it’s just import­ant to keep the per­spect­ive, to keep in mind that per­fect does­n’t exist. It’s about get­ting things to good enough whilst keep­ing on post­ing each day and build­ing momentum so that the writ­ing takes over the tinker­ing and becomes a cre­at­ive out­let in its own right.