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One Twelfth

We’ve done it. All of us. Good job every­one. We’ve made it through Janu­ary and we’re into February.
I always find Janu­ary a bit of an odd month, it’s full of the ini­tial hopes and dreams of the year ahead, yet it’s a hard slog. We spend the first week get­ting back into the swing of things, the second week doing our utmost to get new pat­terns of beha­viour, think­ing and habits off the ground. The third week push­ing through the struggles of motiv­a­tion, or lack there of; and the final week look­ing towards pay day to give us a glimpse that the slog has been worth while; and then before we know it, we’re into February.
Feb­ru­ary always feels like a month of trans­ition. The weath­er and days start to show glimpses of spring, the even­ings get notice­ably light­er and we start to look for­ward to sum­mer. Those new habits we tried to estab­lish in Janu­ary either live or die. We either stick by them and they become estab­lished, or they whith­er and die while we slip into our old estab­lished ways. Admit­ting defeat we move on con­vinced we’re nev­er going to accom­plish what we want to this year, resign­ing ourselves to anoth­er year of nearly but not quite.
Let’s make this year dif­fer­ent. We’re a twelfth of the way through the year, and there’s 11 more months to go. It’s nev­er too late to estab­lish new habits, or find the focus we need to move on and make the year live up to the hopes we had at the start of Janu­ary. Change doesn’t hap­pen in 4 weeks, it takes work and turn­ing up every­day to make things hap­pen. The 21 days that it takes to estab­lish a habit has only just passed, keep turn­ing up and those days will turn into 42 and a well estab­lished pat­tern of behaviour.
I write this post as encour­age­ment to myself as much as to any­one who reads it. Don’t give up, focus and push through. Turn up and do the work, you nev­er know what you can achieve,
I’ll leave you with the words of Chef Gusteau from the Pix­ar film Rata­touille

If you focus on what you left behind you will nev­er see what lies ahead!