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Kill Your To Do List

Here’s what’s always both­ered me about task man­age­ment sys­tems: it’s not what Pres­i­dents use. 

I’ve nev­er thought of this before. It’s nev­er even crossed my mind about the meth­ods of work­ing for peo­ple in high pow­ered posi­tions, or nation­al office. Yet it shouldn’t be a sur­prise when you think about.
After read­ing this excel­lent arti­cle from CJ Chil­vers it struck me that in the last few months this is some­thing I’ve start­ed to do subconsciously.When I think back to how I’ve pro­gressed some projects recent­ly it’s all been down to clear­ly block­ing out time on my cal­en­dar and then work­ing dur­ing those times.
Of course I’ve not entire­ly scrapped my to do list, and I think it would be wrong to scrap it com­plete­ly. It’s a use­ful tool for keep­ing track of the client projects I’m work­ing on. The impor­tant thing, I think, is to not let your to do list dic­tate your time and instead to let your cal­en­dar dic­tate your to do list.

The cal­en­dar does­n’t lie. It’s bru­tal about how much time you actu­al­ly have in a day to com­plete your projects. It’s hon­est. We need to stop wish­ing, deter­mine what’s impor­tant enough to spend our very lim­it­ed time on and get it scheduled.