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I’m Done with MacBooks

When I read this post from Khoi Vinh I found myself nod­ding along in agree­ment. This part in par­tic­u­lar struck a chord,

When I think about where I’m most pro­duct­ive with OS X, it’s always at my desk, where I have a huge mon­it­or (on my iMac, at home) or even two Cinema Dis­plays (at work) 

I upgraded my Mac nearly a year ago and had a long debate about wheth­er to get an iMac or a Mac­Book Pro. The iMac was appeal­ing for so many reas­ons, but I could­n’t quite bring myself to give up the flex­ib­il­ity my Mac­Book offers. How­ever there’s no deny­ing that I’m most pro­duct­ive at my desk with a lar­ger screen, and since upgrad­ing my iPad 2 to an iPad Air 2 I’m using that for more work leav­ing me more focused when I’m on my Mac as well.
In the future I can cer­tainly see myself mov­ing to an iMac over the Mac­Book Pro and maybe, if budget affords it, and iPad Pro. Espe­cially as it’s cap­ab­il­it­ies grow and allow for more and more work to be accom­plished on it.