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Finding Your Bliss Station

There’s so much stuff on the inter­net that it seems like an impossib­il­ity that you would read some­thing at exactly the time you need to read it. Aus­tin Kle­on’s recent art­icle about find­ing your bliss sta­tion has man­aged to achieve just that.
Around a year ago I was just fin­ish­ing up a course of coun­selling aimed at help­ing me under­stand the depres­sion I was dia­gnosed with in Janu­ary 2015. One of the things I learnt about myself was my need to do cre­at­ive things for myself and how over the year pri­or to my dia­gnos­is I had stopped doing that. This even­ing as I read Aus­tin’s art­icle it hit home a little fur­ther, I might’ve lost my cave a little bit.
This week has been a tough one, the first tough week for a while which is some­thing I know hap­pens to every­one now and again. A giveaway sign, which I’ve real­ised as I write this, is the recur­rence of the word intro­vert in a lot of my snippets/tweets. I’ve been crav­ing time on my own, and that usu­ally hap­pens when I’m start­ing to feel a bit unbal­anced in life. It’s a little clue that I might’ve lost my bliss sta­tion, or cave as I’ve referred to it in the past.

What’s clear is that it’s health­i­est if we make a daily appoint­ment to dis­con­nect from the world so that we can con­nect with ourselves. 

In coun­sel­lor speak this is called self care. We need to take time out to take care of ourselves, to stop ourselves being bom­barded by the world around us. To find a place that frees us from the stresses of work, from run­ning a busi­ness and work­ing for someone else at the same time. From being around people all day, to hav­ing a few moments to our ourselves each and every­day. To take a little bit of time to do some­thing we want to do just because we enjoy it and it helps us feel free.
By Sunday even­ing I plan to have reclaimed my cave from the dump­ing ground it’s become, and in the spir­it of mak­ing bet­ter use of my cal­en­dar I plan to sched­ule in a time every­day for me to be in it just because I want to cre­ate some stuff for myself.