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Building a New Photography Workflow With the iPad Pro

Drew Coff­man has some inter­est­ing obser­va­tions in the open­ing para­graphs of his art­icle about Build­ing a New Pho­to­graphy Work­flow with the iPad Pro.

“I’m just now real­iz­ing that the more and more I embrace each cre­at­ive pro­cess, the less time I want to give to any­thing but the act of creating” 

So often we change things because we think we should, but in actu­al­ity we should only really make changes in work­flows and apps we use with motiv­a­tion sim­il­ar to the above. To free us up to cre­ate more things.
I like my blog, I enjoy it from many angles, from cre­at­ing the design to post­ing to it reg­u­larly. But on reflec­tion I real­ise that the thing I dis­like the most is edit­ing and feel­ing the pres­sure to write well. I just enjoy post­ing or my blog, and I enjoy read­ing art­icles and shar­ing the ones which I think are most inter­est­ing. Hence why my post­ing rate has increased since I made it easi­er to share an art­icle to my blog from my iPad or my iPhone. The change in work­flow has allowed me to do more of the thing I most enjoy about my blog.