I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

A Blogging Challenge

I’ve writ­ten 442 posts on this site. The first one was writ­ten on 17th Janu­ary 2011, that’s five and half years ago. It equates to around 80 posts per year and about 1.5 posts per week. It’s not bad going, but it could be better.
Dur­ing those times there’s been many spells of inactiv­ity and many spells of mul­tiple posts per day, this is what I would like to change most about my site, the incon­sist­ent post­ing pat­terns. Last night I found myself brows­ing the web in a way that I’ve not done for a long time. I ended up on a rab­bit trail of per­son­al blogs, one that star­ted with a site I sub­scribe to that I kicked off into safari on my iPad. It felt like redis­cov­er­ing the inter­net again. This was what got me into the blog­ging scene way back in 2005 when I star­ted my first blog. There was a line in one of the art­icles I read that res­on­ated with me. It was feed­back that the author received regularly,

stop­ping blog­ging reg­u­larly was one of people’s biggest regrets
I cer­tainly wish I had­n’t stopped. Or I should say, I wish I had­n’t let the habit slip. 

Since I star­ted blog­ging way back in 2005 I’ve had two main sites. The first site, which sadly is no longer in exist­ence, las­ted from 2006 until this site star­ted in 2011. It was my first prop­er for­ay into inter­net pub­lish­ing and as a res­ult I did­n’t really think too much about what I would post. Top­ics were wide in range but nat­ur­ally reflec­ted my per­son­al interests, some­thing which I feel has been lost a bit on this site. Which is some­what iron­ic giv­en that this is the site which bears my full name in the url.
With that in mind it’s time to declare that this is the first post in a new chal­lenge I’m set­ting myself. I want to recap­ture the joy that I had when I first star­ted pub­lish­ing on the web. It was some­thing I enjoyed and did every­day, and so, that’s my new chal­lenge. I want to post to this site every­day until the end of the year. Some will be links, some will be ori­gin­al writ­ing, but all of it will reflect me and my interests. I’m going to try my utmost not to pick and choose too much of what I write, I will simply write and post each day from now until Decem­ber 31st.