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Apple’s Actual Role in Podcasting

Marco Arment has writ­ten a great piece in rela­tion to the secret Apple meet­ing with sev­en renowned pod­cast pro­du­cers. He out­lines Apples role and pos­i­tion in the pod­cast­ing world, what the pod­casters are after and what it could mean.
It seems to me to be anoth­er case of the big com­pan­ies try­ing to gain more con­trol and data about those who listen. I’m in favour of things devel­op­ing, but they need to remain open. The likes of Face­book and Medi­um are mak­ing the open web a harder place to be, and to me that is show­ing me how import­ant it is that it remains easy to do things without the big data com­pan­ies con­trolling everything. I could­n’t agree more with Mar­co’s final statements.

And the last thing we all need is for the “data” eco­nomy to des­troy anoth­er medium.