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App Store 2.0

News broke last night of some changes to the App Store. Chief among them was the avail­abil­i­ty of sub­scrip­tion pric­ing to all types of apps. Many peo­ple seem to see it as a pos­i­tive for devel­op­ers, and I agree to some extent, but it all depends how those sub­scrip­tions will be used.
This quote from The Verge’s cov­er­age of the news is exact­ly what I’m con­cerned about.

Tsid­don says his com­pa­ny makes around $10 mil­lion a year from its pre­mi­um apps, which are sold for a one-time pur­chase fee of $3.99 or $4.99. Lightricks has sold 8 mil­lion app down­loads to date. Tsid­don hasn’t ful­ly com­mit­ted to a sub­scrip­tion mod­el yet, only say­ing that he’s “excit­ed to exper­i­ment with the busi­ness mod­el,” but based on back-of-the-enve­lope math he believes if his com­pa­ny saw 4 mil­lion down­loads while charg­ing a $4 month­ly sub­scrip­tion fee, he could make 10 times his cur­rent annu­al revenue. 

If devel­op­ers start to shift to pric­ing like this, I and many oth­ers, will stop using their apps. I sim­ply can not afford, and even if I could I would not be able to jus­ti­fy, pay­ing $4 a month to use an app. Espe­cial­ly when it’s mul­ti­plied by the 12 inde­pen­dent apps on my iPhone home­screen. That’s not sustainable.