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The Week in Links

Anoth­er Sun­day and anoth­er edi­tion of The Week in Links. This weeks fea­tured links focus large­ly on the iPad and it’s abil­i­ty to be used for work and not just for con­sump­tion. It’s a debate that has been rag­ing for years, and one which we seem to be no clos­er to end­ing, although we might be a step clos­er once iOS 9 arrives in Sep­tem­ber.
I hope you’re enjoy­ing your Sun­day, sit back with a cof­fee and have a read.

  • Cross­ing the iPad Rubi­con — 500ish Words — I love the idea of work­ing sole­ly on an iPad, along with many oth­ers, and the con­stant dis­cus­sion of whether it can actu­al­ly be done is inter­est­ing. But every time I read an arti­cle like this one, I can stop but come away feel­ing like the whole thing is just a roman­tic notion. That’s not to say that no one can sole­ly work on an iPad, but I know I won’t ever be able too. My work requires a Mac, with pro­fes­sion­al soft­ware in the form of Cre­ative Cloud. That said, if I had an office job of some kind, and only used a com­put­er at home for the likes of email and writ­ing for this site, then I’m pret­ty sure I could go all in right now.
  • The Tools & Toys Guide to Writ­ing with an iPad — Tools and Toys — It seems to be a bit of a theme this week, the top­ic of work­ing on an iPad. This is a real­ly good guide for those look­ing to find out where to begin using their iPad as a more seri­ous work tool by doing some writ­ing on it. Per­son­al­ly I’m a Byword fan and use it on all my com­put­ing devices that I use to pub­lish to this site.

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