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The Week In Links

This weeks edi­tion is com­ing to you slightly late, no excuses oth­er than yes­ter­day flew by and I for­got to post it. I’ve tried some­thing a little dif­fer­ent this week, adding some com­ment­ary to a couple of links I really enjoyed and then list­ing some oth­er good reads below them. I’m hop­ing to evolve this series a little over the sum­mer to inject a bit more of myself into them. Hope you enjoy this weeks edition.

  • THE ALPS by STRAVA – The last week of this year’s Le Tour de France has been through the Alps. This photo story from Strava catches some of what the Pelo­ton has been through these last few days. Even if you’re not a cyc­ling fan these pho­tos are worth view­ing. The moun­tains are stun­ningly beau­ti­ful, I could sit and look at them all day and I loved vis­it­ing the Alps the three times I’ve been skiing.
  • Don’t Let Suc­cess Breed Fail­ure — Shawn Blanc – The second half of this art­icle from Shawn res­on­ated with me and is why I’ve included it in this weeks edi­tion. As a self employed per­son I spend a lot of time think­ing about this kind of thing, espe­cially after events earli­er this year. It’s so tempt­ing to con­tinu­ally say yes to everything, but it’s not pos­sible to do it all. It takes a laser focus and dis­cip­line to make sure that work­loads and pri­or­it­ies remain manageable.

Other links of interest