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The Week in Links

The lat­est edi­tion is a bit late in arriv­ing. I’ve tried some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent this week, just adding a few thoughts to each link. Enjoy some Mon­day lunchtime reading.

  • Ini­tial Thoughts on iOS 9’s iPad Mul­ti­task­ing: A Deep Transformation
    Thanks to iOS 9, I put The Talk Show’s video play­er in a float­ing pop­up, opened Twit­ter­rif­ic, and con­tin­ued watch­ing. When I want­ed to take notes, I swiped from the right edge of the screen and I start­ed typ­ing in Notes – all while still watch­ing the video and hav­ing Twit­ter­rif­ic open at the same time. It all felt nat­ur­al, and it was glorious.

This is one of the things that’s intrigued me the most about the iOS 9 announce­ments. Apple paid the iPad some much need­ed atten­tion and it grew up, mak­ing it an extreme­ly com­pelling device once again.

  • The Apple Watch
    I’ve been wait­ing for this review from Ben Brooks, he’s wait­ed and spent time with the device for pub­lish­ing his thoughts to the world. What’s inter­est­ing to me is that the Watch seems to be gen­uine­ly help­ing peo­ple become less con­nect­ed, and to have more space and time away from their more intru­sive devices. I was con­vinced the Watch would just be even more intrusive.
  • Build­ing an audi­ence — Matt Gemmell
    There’s not much to add about this, oth­er than a big YES!

I’ve been writ­ing on the web since 2005, one of the biggest regrets I have is that I let that first blog die out and it’s posts dis­ap­pear into obliv­ion. Build­ing an audi­ence takes time, and it’s tak­ing a long time to rebuild it.

  • Mes­sageK­it
    I real­ly the con­cept out­lined in this post on Medi­um. I have a load of apps installed on my iPhone that only get used occa­sion­al­ly. It does­n’t play well on a 16GB device, this seems like a great solu­tion. With nat­ur­al lan­guage com­ing in Spot­light on El Cap­i­tan, maybe it’s not a far off idea…