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NeuBible. A Bible app designed for you

This post is a bit of a rar­ity, it’s the first link post I’ve pos­ted since the reboot of this blog and I think it’s a fit­ting one.
I’m a big fan of my bible being a paper one, it’s great to be cut off and focused from the world while I’m read­ing it. I do how­ever, like the util­ity of hav­ing the Bible on my phone and this new app called Neu­Bible looks abso­lutely stun­ning. It does­n’t yet include my pre­ferred trans­la­tion (ESV for those inter­ested) but I will be cer­tainly giv­ing it a try. If you’ve nev­er read the bible, this seems like a beau­ti­ful place to start.