I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

My Homescreen: May 2015

With this week com­plete­ly focused on fin­ish­ing phase one of a client project, I com­plete­ly missed that it was the 1st of the month yes­ter­day. So now that the work­ing week is over and I’m sat back relax­ing it’s time to sort out this month’s edi­tion of my home­screens. I’ll tack­le both iPhone and iPad at the same time, since the changes to both are iden­ti­cal and for the same rea­son.


iPhone May 2015


The Rest


iPad My 2015


The Rest

What’s New?

  • Omni­Fo­cus — Since the start of the year I’ve been using Things to man­age my tasks, in the last month I’ve end­ed up switch­ing back to Omni­Fo­cus. Part­ly because one of the por­jects I’m work­ing on has need­ed break­ing down fur­ther than Things can cope with, and part­ly because of Omni­Fo­cus Mail­Drop.
  • Out­look, Gmail, Inbox by Gmail and Mail­box — Recent­ly I’ve been hav­ing some issues with the provider of my email, lots of servers down and unre­li­able deliv­ery. As a self-employed per­son I need to be able to rely on my email nev­er fail­ing, and so my work email has now switched to Google Apps. I’m still decid­ing on my per­son­al email set­up.

One of the advan­tages of mov­ing to Google Apps for Work has allowed me to test out a few email apps I couldn’t use pre­vi­ous­ly, and also to com­bine my email with IFTTT so that it works hard­er for me. Part of that IFTTT inte­gra­tion has been to com­bine the Gmail chan­nel with the email chan­nel and my Omni­Fo­cus Mail­Drop address. I’m still refin­ing things and try­ing to decide which apps to use, but I hope to be able to explain fur­ther how I’m mak­ing my email work for me rather than hav­ing to work to keep on top of it.