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Life After Cancer: How the iPhone Helped Me Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle

I’ve had this art­icle from Fed­erico Vit­icci in my Instapa­per queue for along time and finally got a chance to read it over the week­end. Des­pite it’s age I wanted to share it just in case any­one else is like me and has had it saved to read for a long time.

First up, kudos to Fre­derico for mak­ing the changes to his life he has and not slip­ping back into old habits. Second, the idea of using my iPhone to track ele­ments of my life has always con­nec­ted with me (I like stats!). Sev­er­al times I’ve tried it with MyFit­nessPal and Sleep Cycle but they’ve nev­er stuck for some reas­on, but see­ing the motiv­a­tion behind Frederico’s meth­ods has struck a chord with me. I’m not recov­er­ing from a severe phys­ic­al ill­ness but I am recov­er­ing from a men­tal one and there’s def­in­itely a con­nec­tion between my men­tal well being and how I feel in my body. Pos­it­ive atti­tudes in one area of my life fil­ter through into oth­er areas and it’s with this in mind that I’ve decided to have anoth­er go at put­ting that Health app to good use. My thanks to Fre­derico for high­light­ing some apps I’d nev­er come across that are much more pleas­ant to use than ones I’ve tried previously.
Here’s to anoth­er attempt at track­ing some stats about my life and to liv­ing more healthily.