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I won­der how often the phrase “I’m bored…” came out of your mouth as a child? I know it crossed my lips a fair few times, dur­ing my years at primary school. As I grew older the phrase appeared less and less, in fact I can’t remem­ber the last time that phrase crossed my lips and I don’t recall it ever cross­ing them in my years since university.
That’s troubling.
Does it mean I’m no longer get­ting bored? Do I get bored and no longer acknow­ledge it pre­fer­ring to let myself while away the hours fid­dling around on the inter­net or vedging out on the sofa?
Am I cap­able of get­ting bored or does the con­stant grat­i­fic­a­tion provided by the vari­ous apps on my iPhone pre­vent it?
We live in a world where con­stant grat­i­fic­a­tion of bore­dom is read­ily avail­able. A world where chil­dren are grow­ing up with iPhones and iPads avail­able to them as soon as they are talk­ing, if not before. Will these chil­dren be able to get bored?
These are worthy ques­tions to con­sider, if people can no longer get bored, and I mean really bored. How will cre­ativ­ity flour­ish? Cre­ativ­ity out of bore­dom is a dif­fer­ent kind of cre­ativ­ity to that which takes place at work. Bore­dom cre­ativ­ity is far stronger and more express­ive than any oth­er. When we are so bored that we decide to do some­thing because it interests us, that’s when some of the most excit­ing cre­ativ­ity hap­pens. A child who picks up a gui­tar and starts picking/strumming a song simply because they are bored isn’t play­ing that gui­tar for prac­tise, they’re play­ing it with a desire to cre­ate. A desire to occupy their mind and to express them­selves in a way they’ve per­haps nev­er done before. The same goes for an artist who picks up a sketch book, and a writer who picks up a pen.
This is as much a chal­lenge to myself as it is to any­one read­ing this. Do we allow ourselves to get bored? To get so bored we are com­pelled to do some­thing pro­duct­ive out if it. Are we cap­able of let­ting cre­ativ­ity born out of bore­dom take place, or do we just occupy our minds with the latest free game on the appstore that’s tak­ing Twit­ter by storm?

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