I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.


I’m great at mak­ing state­ments and prom­ises about things that I want to do. It’s easy. I think of some­thing I wish to do, decide there and then a means by which to do it, then post to my blog declar­ing it in the pub­lic domain.

In prin­ciple it’s a good tac­tic. The pub­lic declar­a­tion should be enough of a motiv­a­tion to make sure I stick to some­thing, but the real­ity is that more often than not I fall short. I might stick to it for a couple of weeks, but then life will hap­pen and that’s it, the idea slides out of exist­ence. Why? Because of a lack of discipline.
When it comes to dis­cip­line I’ve gen­er­ally been quite good when it comes to doing some­thing that really mat­ters, or some­thing that I have to do. The trouble was when it came to doing some­thing I wanted to do, like writ­ing for this site. So as part of get­ting back into it, I’ve been tak­ing little steps, to build integ­rity, trust and discipline.


Build­ing integ­rity with myself is crit­ic­al. The num­ber of times I’ve set out with an aim to do some­thing, then not suc­ceeded to do it are count­less, and this car­ries over into start­ing new things. Whilst the inten­tion and desire can be strong, the belief that I can do it less so. It’s been erroded by years of unful­filled prom­ises to myself about start­ing to write on a reg­u­lar basis.
The trick, I’ve dis­covered is to start small. It’s not a new tech­nique, but I testi­fy that it’s start­ing to work. I star­ted with The Week in Links, my weekly post shar­ing a few links to good art­icles or inter­est­ing things that I’ve seen around the inter­net over the week. As of the time of writ­ing, I’ve now pos­ted an edi­tion of that post for nine­teen weeks run­ning. I’ve built integ­rity with myself that I can post to this site on a reg­u­lar basis, on a sched­ule I decided and wanted to com­mit to.


Now I have built some integ­rity and belief that I can do some­thing I want to do and not just some­thing I have to do. I’m build­ing trust in myself that I can actu­ally do it. I trust that I can man­age the rest of my day well enough, to be able to set aside time to write.


The trust in myself that I can do this, builds the dis­cip­line that I need to actu­ally do it. Hav­ing estab­lished a pat­tern of turn­ing up each week to post The Week in Links, I’m now dis­cip­lined enough to carve out that time each week to make sure I keep doing it.
It’s a knock on effect, or maybe more of a cir­cu­lar cycle. The more belief that I have in stick­ing by my stated inten­tions, builds the trust I need to be able to make those inten­tions in the first place. In turn, that builds the dis­cip­line I need to execute those inten­tions, thus giv­ing myself more belief. It’s why this week I’ve added anoth­er step into my morn­ing routine so that I can be sat here at my desk and do a half hour of writ­ing before my work day begins. Not only am I build­ing trust that I can work on writ­ing for my site with reg­u­lar­ity, I’m also build­ing trust that I can get up and go through my morn­ing routine with the time to do all that I both want and need to do.
Of course there is anoth­er side to this. If I do miss one of my carved out writ­ing slots, I must not give myself a hard time about it. Life hap­pens and I won’t always get to do these things. When that’s the case I need to be able to say nev­er­mind, reset and go again the next day remem­ber­ing that for the past how­ever many days I’ve been able to do it.