I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.


Bar­ri­ers are a strange thing. In the real world they exist to form a sep­ar­a­tion, a phys­ic­al divi­sion between two things. They can be per­man­ent or tem­por­ary, but they exist for a spe­cif­ic reas­on. Their pur­pose though, is always the same, to pre­vent you from going some­where you shouldn’t.

In the men­tal world things are slightly dif­fer­ent. Bar­ri­ers exist of course, but for dif­fer­ent reas­ons, though their pur­pose is sim­il­ar to their real world coun­ter­parts, they stop you going some­where or doing some­thing. The trouble is, they aren’t phys­ic­al and that makes them immeas­ur­ably harder to overcome.
Eight­een weeks ago I star­ted post­ing a weekly art­icle with a col­lec­tion of links to inter­est­ing art­icles I’ve read dur­ing the week. I star­ted it because I wanted to get back into writ­ing for my blog. I thought hav­ing a reg­u­lar post to com­mit to would remove the bar­ri­er that I seemed to have errec­ted over the last couple of years. To a degree it’s worked, post­ing to my blog reg­u­larly has helped me to rebuild my interest in it, it’s helped me to estab­lish a desire to post, but it hasn’t removed the barrier.
For the last few weeks I’ve star­ted each week with the aim that this week would be the one that gets me writ­ing a post a week. Sev­er­al times I’ve draf­ted some­thing, but each time I’ve failed to pub­lish it. Fear seems to be the bar­ri­er pre­vent­ing me from click­ing that but­ton. That little voice that says “No one will read it, no one really cares what you have to say” squarks away as my mouse hov­ers over the pub­lish button.
So I’ve decided, this week is going to be the week that I break­down that bar­ri­er. The little voice will be silenced and I will post an art­icle every Wed­nes­day from here on out. It is a chal­lenge, but one I want. I have no idea what I will post about, but as Shawn Blanc says I have ideas it’s just a case of let­ting them grow and tak­ing a bit of action on some of them, regard­less of wheth­er they are good or bad, as well as hav­ing a bit of cour­age to press pub­lish at the end of it.