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Wecloming 2012 and Setting a Few Targets

It’s that time once again when many people are post­ing reviews of the year just passed. I always enjoy read­ing these posts, see­ing the people I fol­low who have achieved all that or more than they hoped to whilst hop­ing those who did­n’t are able to in the com­ing year. I’m always drawn to writ­ing some­thing myself, and whilst my last year con­tains many high­lights – my trip to Israel, a sum­mer in North Wales and a deep­en­ing of friend­ships that have become increas­ingly valu­able – I always feel some­what hes­it­ant to “review my year”.
I think the heart of that hes­it­ancy lies solely in my feel­ing of a lack of accom­plish­ment. I nev­er feel I’ve achieved any­thing worth writ­ing about or high­light­ing. I call it the curse of the Inter­net. It’s so easy to spend time look­ing and com­par­ing what I’ve done to all the people who have achieved a great deal, all the people who’ve had the guts to sit down work hard and put them­selves out there. I’m always left reel­ing at, what feels like, my com­plete lack of gumption.
I am learn­ing though. Learn­ing to not let that fear of fail­ure or fear of no one noti­cing be the reas­on to stop myself from doing the things I want to. Thats why I’m writ­ing this post, to set out three small tar­gets to try and set me on my way this year. I think they are all achiev­able and am hop­ing they will set me on my way to accom­plish some­thing this year.
In the last year I’ve put weight on. Some people will argue that I needed to, I’ve always been a bit skinny, but in the last year I’ve put on a little too much. I weighed myself over the Christ­mas hol­i­days and well the num­ber at the start was too high. My first mis­sion is to lose a stone in weight by exer­cising more reg­u­larly and cut­ting out those little treats which have snuck into my diet.
The past couple of years has seen my blog fall in to decline, sig­ni­fic­antly. I’ve always enjoyed writ­ing for my blog, but the past couple of years has seen a lot of things change in my life and it did­n’t feel right to be writ­ing about them here. Nor did it seem right to con­tin­ue writ­ing about things which on reflec­tion are quite trivi­al when com­pared to the loss of loved ones. But time is mov­ing on, and I feel that it is time to pick up my pen once again and begin writ­ing for my blog with more reg­u­lar­ity. I real­ise I’ve said this before, and it’s got­ten past Janu­ary, Feb­ru­ary and into March before I’ve really real­ised I’ve not done any­thing I’d hoped to, so I’ve giv­en myself a num­ber to aim for. I’m going to try to write four posts a month. Not four link posts, but four art­icle posts, although I hes­it­ate to call them art­icles. There’ll be no word count, just ori­gin­al con­tent, con­tent I cre­ate because I want to and enjoy it.
The third thing I want to do is a little more open ended and prob­ably some­thing that every­one hopes to do. I’d like to use my time to great­er effect.
I’ve always been a night owl, I like stay­ing up late, the quiet cosi­ness of being up late with a small light on and my book, sketch book or Mac for com­pany feels great. The prob­lem is when you have a nine to five job that kind of beha­viour is not really help­ful. Hit­ting the sack in the early hours of the morn­ing and then rising only a few hours later to go to work is a recipe for dis­aster. Burn­ing the candle at both ends only really has one des­tin­a­tion for me, run­ning myself in to the ground and an onslaught of mouth ulcers. So in order to com­bat this tend­ency to waste my time, I’m resolv­ing to give my self a bed time and get up earli­er. My aim is to be up at six each morn­ing in order to do a half hour of exer­cises, then spend time read­ing my bible, pray­ing and whatever is left can be spent writing.
Re-read­ing that last para­graph makes it feel like a pretty big task, but I think knuck­ling down and doing it will help me to achieve the oth­er two points. More than that though, hav­ing a set time to sit and read my bible without dis­trac­tion will be the biggest bene­fit of all.
I’ve always admired those who are able to get up early and spend some time each morn­ing to do this. While I’m away in North Wales for two weeks every year, I spend time lead­ing a chil­dren’s hol­i­day club. When I’m there, life is so dif­fer­ent to my every­day life that I’m able to eas­ily get up early and spend time each morn­ing read­ing from the word. I’ve become acutely aware in the last few weeks that it’s all down to a mat­ter of atti­tude. I’m so aware of how import­ant it is in those two weeks to devote my time in such a man­ner, that it’s time to change my atti­tude and devote that time every morn­ing rather than in the even­ings when I find it harder to con­cen­trate and often run out of time. It’s some­thing that I enjoy, but often feel a need to do out of duty, yet, when I set time aside I’ve seen the bene­fits in my life and my rela­tion­ship with Jesus. I want to do it more and so this attempt to change my sleep­ing pat­terns is motiv­ated by that desire.
And so with that, please join me in rais­ing my hot black­cur­rent to 2012 and all it has in stall!