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Oopsie… Things?

A few months ago I star­ted to use an ingeni­ous AppleScript cre­ated by Shawn Blanc which he nicely titled Oop­sie­Fo­cus. It’s pur­pose? To make sure that when I hit the key­board short­cut I use for the Omni­Fo­c­us quick entry win­dow, I was nev­er left hanging without it opening.
Whilst most of the time when I’m at my Mac I had Omni­Fo­c­us open, occa­sion­ally I did­n’t and It was those occa­sions this little script helped me out. By set­ting Alfred to run this AppleScript on the same key­board trig­ger I set in Omni­Fo­c­us, it checked wheth­er the app was run­ning and if it was­n’t it launched Omni­Fo­c­us fol­lowed by the quick entry win­dow. Genius!
So at the start of Septem­ber when I felt Omni­Fo­c­us was more than I needed to man­age my tasks, I made the move back to Things and adap­ted Shawn’s script to work with my new app of choice.
Being a gen­er­ous chap, I thought just in case any of you folk out there could make use of my altered script, I’d post it here (with Shawn’s per­mis­sion) for you to download.
Once you’ve down­loaded the script I sug­gest you set it up to run with an app like Alfred (with Power­pack), Fast­Scripts, or Key­board Maes­tro to be triggered when you use the same Quick Entry key­board short­cut you have set in Things.
Down­load as: