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One Year Later, the iPad Is Still My Favorite Computer

Up until a few weeks ago I’ve often found myself ask­ing the ques­tion below:

Why won’t you admit that you can only use the iPad for real work because you’re a writer?

Per­haps one could be jus­ti­fied in ask­ing it. A lot of the people demon­strat­ing the iPad is good for work­ing on tend to be writers, people who just require a text edit­or and a key­board to pro­duce some­thing. Of course each time I come across answers sim­il­ar to this:

I didn’t expect this self-inter­view to get so com­bat­ive. But if you’re so sure that the iPad can’t be used for oth­er cre­at­ive expres­sion, you might want to take it up with people like Cyn­thia Wick and Glen Mulcahy.

A couple of weeks ago I exper­i­enced this first hand. Each sum­mer I do a beach mis­sion in North Wales, every year we end up mak­ing things at the last minute to suit the needs which no amount of plan­ning could fore­see. This year what was the device I used to do the work? My iPad. My Mac­Book Pro sat upstairs in it’s case for pretty much the entire time. I wrote talks on my iPad, I made present­a­tions and I planned ses­sions. My friend, he drew pic­tures to tell bible stor­ies. Not once did we require a Mac or PC to do it. It was a real eye open­er to the power of the iPad as a com­puter that can be used for work.

So will I leave my Mac­Book Pro at home next sum­mer? As a freel­ance design­er the only thing that stops me doing this, and per­haps my biggest dis­ap­point­ment with the iPad at the moment, is that there is no soft­ware akin to InDes­ign or Illus­trat­or that would let me. Yet…