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iOS 6 and Every-Day Life by Shawn Blanc

Today, right now, we’re using the same mobile oper­at­ing sys­tem with the same apps as the guys in Cuper­ti­no who dream this stuff up and make it happen.
And it seems to me that there are sev­er­al things in iOS 6 which reveal just that. This ver­sion of iOS is not full of any one amaz­ing new jaw-drop­ping fea­ture that will have our minds spin­ning. Instead it’s filled with dozens of lit­tle things that will get used by real peo­ple ever day. And it will make our lives a lit­tle bit nicer and a lit­tle bit easier.

This is exact­ly how iOS 6 feels to me, a steady refine­ment, sand­ing off the rough edges and the bits of fric­tion. It’s smoother, a lit­tle bit snap­pi­er on my iPhone 4 (except for the app store) and just a nice incre­men­tal pro­gres­sion.