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Are We Using Geofencing Wrong? — The Brooks Review

When Apple announced their remind­ers app, and a new API, that allows geofen­cing in iOS, I was pretty pumped. To be able to sched­ule a task to alert you the moment you enter or leave a loc­a­tion seemed pretty cool. But, as with many things, the demo proved to be much cool­er than the actu­al real world use case.

Ben’s not alone with this feel­ing. I was excited when Geofen­cing was released, I always for­get stuff at the super­mar­ket so the notion of being reminded when I arrived to buy some­thing soun­ded great. In prac­tise not so much.
Since Instapa­per with back­ground update loc­a­tions launched I’ve been put­ting it to use on my iPhone. It’s bril­liant and I already want more developers to imple­ment some­thing sim­il­ar (hint, hint Instacast). It feels like this is such an obvi­ous thing to do that I’m baffled no one thought of it soon­er. It feels like this kind of thing is what Apple cre­ated the Geofences for.