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My First Conference (Part Two)

I’ve been try­ing to work a seem­ingly ran­dom col­lec­tion of thoughts into a fol­low up post about New Adven­tures con­fer­ence. It’s not really happened so I’ve chosen to just throw them out there to any­one who is interested.
Over­all I enjoyed the day, it was fun, inform­at­ive and pushed me out of my com­fort zone, teach­ing me things about design and myself that are valu­able and I am pro­cessing in order to improve.
Most enjoy­able was Brendan’s talk. He was the most enter­tain­ing in deliv­ery and engaged the audi­ence excel­lently. His pas­sion for design is infec­tious, but some­thing I felt myself identi­fy­ing with straight away. I don’t obsess over using the right pen­cil, but my friends can attest that I do obsess over oth­er seem­ingly point­less items.
Most dis­ap­point­ing was Veerle Pieter’s talk about inspir­a­tion. I really enjoy Veer­le’s blog, and so was look­ing for­ward to hear­ing her talk but, for me, it had too much example and not enough insight. I was hop­ing for some pro­cesses which people could adopt or adapt to make their own and use as trig­gers in the cre­at­ive pro­cess. I know we all work dif­fer­ently, but hear­ing how someone goes about find­ing inspir­a­tion when all they are hit­ting is brick wall after brick wall can be inspir­ing in itself. Veerle also seemed to con­tra­dict some of the talks from the morn­ing, with a theme of doing some­thing a cer­tain way because you like it rather than for a par­tic­u­lar reas­on. Whilst design is sub­ject­ive and some­times we go with our gut, there’s usu­ally reas­on for doing it bey­ond “I like it”.
Most thought pro­vok­ing was Dan Rubin’s talk on matur­ing the industry by devel­op­ing a lan­guage that has mean­ing and that every­one can under­stand. Hav­ing moved to a new job around 3 months ago and hav­ing had the oppor­tun­ity to work on a couple of web jobs, this struck a cord. The things I mean when I refer to some­thing and the things they mean when my new col­leagues refer to some­thing are eas­ily con­fused on these jobs, how­ever, when it comes to a print job every­one knows exactly what the oth­er per­son means.
Elli­ot’s talk, Andy Clarke’s, Jon Tan’s and Mark Boulton’s were also some of the most inform­at­ive, inter­est­ing and thought pro­vok­ing talks that left me feel­ing inspired and motiv­ated. Good stuff that I have already noticed is inform­ing the way I work.
New Adven­tures was a really good day, which I thor­oughly enjoyed, hope­fully I’ll get to a few more in the future and I’m cer­tainly hop­ing that I can make it to New Adven­tures 2.

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