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A Not Quite Full Review, of a Not Quite Great Twitter App: Twitterrific

Ben Brooks’ review of Twit­ter­rif­ic 4 fin­ish­es with this lit­tle comment.

It doesn’t feel fin­ished — it feels like a ver­sion 1.0 prod­uct. If this was a ver­sion 1.0 then I would be excit­ed for its future, but giv­en the ver­sion 4 nature I am hard­ly impressed.

A fair assess­ment, but essen­tial­ly this is a ver­sion 1. It’s so dif­fer­ent to the pre­vi­ous ver­sions and I believe that the Icon­fac­to­ry actu­al­ly start­ed again like they did on iOS with the new ver­sion. Still, some of the deci­sions they’ve made are odd.
As a side note:

You can’t close image win­dows (Twit­pic and the like) with the keyboard.

Try press­ing escape and you’ll find this com­ment incor­rect. I was being dri­ven mad until I stum­bled across this though, so I can see where Ben is com­ing from.