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Tumblr Theme Garden

I’m not a big Tumblr user, but I do find the designs people come up with for dis­play­ing the dif­fer­ent types of con­tent quite inter­est­ing. The Tumblr Theme Garden looks like a great resource for show­cas­ing all those dif­fer­ent ideas and designs.

(Via Khoi.)

2 responses

  1. Being a big Tumblr user, I love the theme garden. How­ever, I’d love to see more themes that I actu­ally like in prac­tice and not just in the thumbnail.
    Or my own theme. 😀

  2. You can pre­view each theme, which is pretty cool. Would be awe­some to have your own theme in there Jonathan.
    I really need to fix this com­ment form.

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