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Summer 2009

Well, it’s been a while. In fact it’s been the longest gap between posts there’s ever been on Elec­tric Week­end. I’m not going to apo­lo­gise, the simple fact is that in the last 2/3 months a lot of stuff has happened, a mix­ture of ends of chapters, begin­nings of new ones and a good bye.
The biggest end to a chapter has meant I’m now liv­ing in a flat on my tod instead of in a shared house with two very good friends. One of whom had to move away for unfor­tu­nate cir­cum­stances, the oth­er, well he got mar­ried. It was sad to know I’ll no longer be liv­ing with these two guys, we’ve lived togeth­er since the begin­ning of uni almost 5 years ago and enjoyed a lot of good times.
The begin­ning of my busy sum­mer began with the wed­ding of one of my house­mates. A guy who has become a very good friend got mar­ried to a girl who I can also call a very good friend. The chance to share their big day was very spe­cial and, hope­fully, by now they are set­tling in to mar­ried life1.
The next step in the sum­mer involved mov­ing into a 1 bed flat. I’ve nev­er lived on my own, and well, it’s been event­ful so far but I’m set­tling in. Hav­ing only been in the flat for less than a week I was due to go away for 2 weeks. Every sum­mer, well for the last 3, my girl friend and I have gone to serv­er on a beach mis­sion in North Wales and like always the night before we go was very busy. The com­plic­a­tion this year was that I got locked out my flat late at night the day before I was due to drive for 5 hours early in the morn­ing. Look­ing back it was funny, but at the time a little stressful.
Thank­fully a very enjoy­able 2 weeks fol­lowed. A time to serve God and enjoy spend­ing time with a bunch of awe­some people. A chance to share the gos­pel with a group of kids, whom it is obvi­ous God is work­ing in. A priv­ilege to be involved in such a thing.
My return to the flat sig­nalled anoth­er event­ful night. Hav­ing come home tired and ready for a good sleep in my own bed I was rudely awakened at 4am by a roof tile. Odd you might think, but I’d call it scary. It’s not pleas­ant being woken up by some­thing crash­ing through your bed­room win­dow and a sleep­less night fol­lowed. For­tu­nately it was fixed quickly the next morn­ing, and things have been fairly plain sail­ing since then.
The final part of my event­ful sum­mer fol­lowed the week after beach mis­sion, and it’s partly why there has been such a gap in post­ing here on the blog. It’s promp­ted a lot of thoughts, memor­ies and reflec­tions and is the main reas­on this post has sat in my drafts for most of Septem­ber. I knew I had to write it and it felt like I could­n’t really post trivi­al links before I wrote about it.
Sev­er­al months ago my Granny was dia­gnosed with can­cer. At the end of August and after sev­er­al weeks of pain, where she was being looked after by my Mum, my Uncle and my Aunt, my Granny passed away.
The last photo I have of myself and Granny is sat in front of me now. It brings back memor­ies of play­ing games on the car­pet, crick­et in the back garden with Grandad bowl­ing and Granny catch­ing, of soft­mints and of cheeky pound coins slipped into my hand as we left to go home. But, most of all it brings back memor­ies of a lady who is loved and missed. A lady who always had a smile, who cared for her fam­ily and who was, most import­antly, my Granny.

  1. In fact I know they are. Last week­end I cel­eb­rated my 25th birth­day, with a group of friends, includ­ing the happy couple. A very good time was had, and it was bril­liant to see them enjoy­ing life as Mr & mrs. ?