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Shawn’s Ideal iPhone

Shawn Blanc posts his thoughts on The Ideal iPhone.

Some inter­est­ing thoughts, although I dis­agree with Shawn’s thoughts about the form factor of the phone itself. Hav­ing held my house mates 1st Gen and my 3G, I much prefer the 3G. Feels much more nat­ur­al in my hand.

How­ever, I could­n’t agree more with Shawn’s part­ing paragraph.

It is not­able that after two entire years on the open mar­ket, iPhone con­tin­ues to be, by far, most advanced, respons­ive and beau­ti­ful mobile touch-screen device and soft­ware avail­able. It is one thing for iPhone and iPhone OS to have been as ground-break­ing and incred­ible as they were in 2007 when they deb­uted. But to still have that edge two years later? That’s amazing.

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