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Rebranding Squared Eye

I’ve been want­ing to link to this for a while for a few reas­ons. The first I just love the design and rebrand­ing of Squared Eye. I’ve found it insanely inspir­ing, and Levi the whale is so full of char­ac­ter and the whole concept so well thought out that it just screams of for­ward think­ing, know­ledge­able effect­ive design.

The second reas­on I wanted to link to this, is because of the whole thought pro­cess behind the rebrand. In a time where we are strug­gling, and have seen people rebrand for the sake of it, it’s so refresh­ing to see someone do it to fur­ther their busi­ness. But I was also fas­cin­ated by the reas­on­ing behind hir­ing anoth­er design group to carry out the rebrand. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 6 or so years of work­ing as a graph­ic design­er it’s this.

The hard­est cli­ent to please is yourself.

I’ve tried many a time to nail down an iden­tity that I feel truely reflects me, and I’m still search­ing. I get itchy feet every time I look at the elec­tric Week­end logo, and I’ll be hon­est, it’s not helped when I see superb design like this.

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