I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.


These days, I’m sure like many, my primary source of read­ing mater­i­al is via the inter­net, or more spe­cific­ally my feed read­er. There’s a lot of great con­tent out on the web and fil­ter­ing out the cruft to get to it can be a bit of a mis­sion. We are bom­barded with inform­a­tion clam­our­ing for our atten­tion the moment we open our web browser, so find­ing a way of weed­ing out the crap to reveal the good stuff is imperative.
The trouble is once you’ve found a few choice blogs which provide you with qual­ity and fairly reg­u­lar con­tent, doors are opened. Opened to a world of inspir­a­tion. Inspir­a­tion to cre­ate for your­self, be it design, writ­ing or whatever floats your boat. This in itself is fant­ast­ic. The more good stuff out there the more every­one bene­fits and the more people are inspired to go out and cre­ate. Let’s face it at the heart of everything that’s cre­ated there’s an inspir­a­tion that’s been har­nessed to pro­duce some­thing unique.
On the oth­er side of this there’s a neg­at­ive. Once you’re up and run­ning cre­at­ing con­tent that *you* are pleased with, the dis­trac­tions appear. There’s traffic stats, how many people are vis­it­ing? How many people are stay­ing? How many people like what you’ve done enough to sub­scribe and be noti­fied when you cre­ate more? Then there are the com­par­is­ons. How come they get more than me? What’s so dif­fer­ent about their writ­ing than mine? Why can­’t I execute my designs like that? It has an impact. It stops you cre­at­ing, you lose your focus and the things you do cre­ate don’t bring the enjoy­ment they used to. Cre­at­ing becomes a chore as you try to find the break through that will bring you the traffic, or is it the recog­ni­tion, of the people you look up to?
It’s a nasty spir­al and some­thing we all go through. For whatever reas­on, it seems to be human nature to com­pare what you cre­ate to those around you. It starts early in school. There’s the com­pet­i­tion with grades, that feel­ing you’ve put your heart and soul into some­thing yet you only get a B but your mate gets an A and did it all the night before. Every time you go home your par­ents remind you, there’s no proof they did it the night before. Chances are they worked on it just as much as you did, if not more, and therein lies the reas­on for their high­er grades.
Sim­il­arly the same applies to the blogs and design­ers you come across on the inter­net. They’ve worked at it, and they’ve worked damn hard. It does­n’t just come over night, for some it comes quick­er than oth­ers, but every time it’s deserved.
The trick is to make it enjoy­able. Find that thing that makes you smile. That gives you the sat­is­fied feel­ing up on press­ing pub­lish which can only come when you’ve worked at some­thing. Remove those bar­ri­ers, get rid of the nag­ging ques­tions. Push them aside and con­cen­trate on mak­ing what you cre­ate the best it can be. When you have those crises of con­fid­ence. Take a step back, review the situ­ation, look at what you’ve done in the past that has sat­is­fied you and know that you can do it.
Most import­antly check your motiv­a­tion. If you’re cre­at­ing to try and sat­is­fy oth­ers what you cre­ate won’t be the best it can. You can­’t sat­is­fy oth­ers because you don’t know exactly what their require­ments and needs are. You only know what will sat­is­fy you, and you’ll only know it when it’s been achieved.
So what sat­is­fies me?
Know­ing that I’ve done my best to bring to glory to God in all I do. As a Chris­ti­an my pri­or­ity is my rela­tion­ship with Jesus. I try and begin each day with spend­ing some time with my Lord, read­ing His word, listen­ing and speak­ing with Him.
I go to work in the know­ledge that I’m not going alone. That He is with me, my source of inspir­a­tion, my motiv­a­tion. I try to work in a way that demon­strates this to my col­leagues through my beha­viours and the way I approach my work. All in the hope that they will see some­thing dif­fer­ent with in me.
So what’s the reas­on for this post?
It’s some­what of a remind­er. That if that’s the way I approach my work, why is it that the fig­ures in my Mint install­a­tion mat­ter so much? They should­n’t. The reas­on I like to cre­ate is the same as the reas­on I apply myself to my work in the man­ner I do. I want to use my gifts to bring glory to Him. I want to cre­ate qual­ity con­tent, not because it might increase the num­bers, but because I want people to see that I’ve some­thing in my life that mat­ters far more. Some­thing that drives me to do that best I can in everything I do, not just in cer­tain areas of my life, but in **everything**.