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WordPress To Disable Remote Access

Daniel Jalkut’s take on Word­Press’ deci­sion to close the API for exter­nal edi­tors by default. One thing is for sure, they’ve just made a deci­sion for me. Time to port my blog to TXP.

Also worth con­sid­er­ing: if a ser­vice is dis­abled by default for secu­ri­ty con­sid­er­a­tions, what mes­sage does that send to peo­ple who choose to, or who are encour­aged to turn the ser­vice back on? It sets up a per­cep­tion of inse­cu­ri­ty which may not even be war­rant­ed. If the remote pub­lish­ing inter­faces are inse­cure, they should be fixed, not mere­ly disabled!