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Productivity in Academia — An Interview with Dezene Huber

The Week­ly Review has an inter­est­ing inter­view with a guy called Dezene Huber. I was par­tic­u­lar­ly struck with the para­graph quot­ed below in regard to Dezene’s and his fam­i­ly’s approach to life.

Sat­is­fac­tion means that we don’t try to make mate­r­i­al pos­ses­sions the source of our joy. Rather, the things that we already have and that main­ly can­not be priced — God, fam­i­ly, friends, nature, and expe­ri­ences — rep­re­sent the true foun­da­tion of our lives. Beyond that, we live in thank­ful­ness for food, shel­ter, and cloth­ing and our good for­tune to live in a free coun­try of oppor­tu­ni­ty. If every giz­mo and gad­get that we own would sud­den­ly be tak­en away, our lives would be a bit more chal­leng­ing and a bit qui­eter — but, would that be such a bad thing?

Some­thing I believe we should all take on board and con­sid­er next time we want that new iPhone.