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Top 10 Movie List Which Turned into 8

Well, I’ve not real­ly been one for memes, but it’s been a while since the last one and this one looks like fun. As you prob­a­bly guessed from the title I have to post my top 10 movies.

First the rules. 1. List your top ten favorite films (in no par­tic­u­lar order). 2. If you are tagged, you have to post and tag 3–5 peo­ple. 3. Link back to the one who tagged you, in my case it’s Nick Gray and because it took me so long to get it out, Jesse Ander­son.

I’ll also add my own dis­claimer, my descrip­tions of the film will be min­i­mal as I don’t want to spoil it for those who have yet to see them.

The Green Mile

This is one of those films that I can watch over and over. Tom Han­ks stars as a jail­er on death row, he receives a new in-mate who has to be the largest guy ever. He’s also not guilty. He has, for want of a bet­ter word, a “pow­er” that lets him take away peo­ple’s ail­ments, but unfor­tu­nate­ly his desire to help lands him on death row.

It’s an excel­lent film, that my descrip­tion does­n’t do jus­tice to. All I can say is be pre­pared to cry at the end. Yes, I had a lit­tle tear in the cor­ner of my eye. No, I’m not ashamed of it.

The Shawshank Redemption

Anoth­er prison based film, the Shaw­shank was one that slipped by me until last year. A bar­gain bin DVD picked up on a whim, some­thing I’m very pleased to have done.

It’s one of those films that’s easy to watch because it’s engross­ing. I’ve watched it sev­er­al times in the last year and although it’s long it’s often one of those DVD’s I stick on when I’m going to bed and not feel­ing exces­sive­ly tired.

The Matrix

Well it kin­da had to be there. I’ve got the tril­o­gy box set but only the orig­i­nal makes it to this list. I first saw it on DVD with my par­ents when the video store did­n’t have the dvd we want­ed to watch. I got it straight away and have been a fan ever since. I think it kind of hooked into my faith a lit­tle bit with the whole reli­gious imagery aspect that’s been done to death. An excel­lent film that’s well worth a watch.

The Usual Suspects

My cousin bought me this one on video one Christ­mas. I’d nev­er real­ly heard of it (I’m not a big film buff) but I’m pleased he bought it. Is it a bit wor­ry­ing that 3 of the first 4 films are crime based?

I like the way this all slow­ly slots into place, I notice new things every time I watch it. The angle the sto­ry is told from is inter­est­ing and clever, which is what makes the film for me. You need to con­cen­trate on it, but it’s not one that takes a lot of effort to watch. Along with Shaw­shank, it’s one of those late night films in my collection.

A Beautiful Mind

I think by now your get­ting the pic­ture that I like films that need to be watched and thought about. This is anoth­er of those. I was engrossed in this the first time I saw it and even now it amazes me. Each time I watch it, and yes it’s anoth­er one I stick on if I’m not tired, it gets me caught up in a roller coast­er of emo­tions. An inspir­ing film.

Spirited Away

This one is a bit dif­fer­ent. I’m not a big Ani­me fan, but I enjoyed watch­ing this one. I’ve watched it a few times now and each time I’m engrossed and caught up in the sto­ry. It’s not just the sto­ry that I like in this one. Being from an arty/designy back­ground I real­ly appre­ci­ate the imagery in this. It’s inter­est­ing and dif­fer­ent to some­thing you would nor­mal­ly be exposed to, well if like me you aren’t into anime.


Now real­ly there had to be a Pixar movie in here. It was a dif­fi­cult choice but Rata­toiulle won. There aren’t many films I will go and buy on DVD the day it’s released but this was one of them. Again I like the imagery that comes with it, but also the sto­ry. I was caught up in it from the moment I saw the first trail­ers, and since it came out in the UK a full 8 months after the US it was a long wait.

An excel­lent film if you need a laugh and a smile, or you like food!

The Passion Of The Christ

This is per­haps an unusu­al one to be in some­one’s top 10 movies. It made it into mine because it’s so pow­er­ful and hum­bling. As a Chris­t­ian I find watch­ing it real­ly helps me under­stand the enor­mi­ty of Christ’s death on the cross. It real­ly cap­tures, or at least allows us to glimpse, the pain which Jesus went through as he car­ried His cross.

It is as it was.

As the Pope says.

Now, you might call this a bit of a cop-out. But I’ve not been able to come up with 2 more films which I feel are wor­thy of my Top 10. I’ve seen a lot, and I near­ly plumped for some obvi­ous ones like the Back To The Future’s or the Star Wars films. Even LOTR could arguably take the place. But I did­n’t want to just plump for those. Hope­ful­ly I will come back and fill in the remain­ing 2 movies. But til I find 2 I actu­al­ly want to put in that’s it for now.

As far as tags go I’ll pass it to Aidan, Nils and Glenn.