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Things. Meet Dropbox.

When I got an invite to Things, back in Decem­ber of last year, I was instantly impressed. I’d been try­ing out Omni­Fo­c­us as a form of task man­age­ment but it nev­er really worked for me, too many options made it feel com­plic­ated and I wasted more time input­ting and sort­ing tasks than I did doing them. So Things func­tion­al sim­pli­city was a bit of a breath of fresh air.

I used it on and off for per­son­al tasks, but nev­er felt I was get­ting full use out of it, so when I began my first job in graph­ic design, I felt that at last I had a prop­er need for task man­age­ment. After a couple of months try­ing vari­ous dif­fer­ent meth­ods, I fell back on Things. Ini­tially there were a few hic­coughs. I wanted to use Things at home and at work, unfor­tu­nately there was no meth­od to sync Things between dif­fer­ent Macs. So when Things added the abil­ity to choose where the data­base was stored, and thus open­ing up the way to store it on a thumb drive, I was sorted.

Things was work­ing well as my task man­ager, I was able to use it on my two Macs at home and my work Mac with out a hitch. Well until I left my usb stick in the jeans I was wear­ing the day before. Good bye the abil­ity to see my tasks for the day.

I needed anoth­er solution.

Thank­fully a Tweet on twit­ter solved my prob­lem. An invite to Drop­box later and I was away. My data­base moved off my usb stick and into my Drop­box ready to be syn­c’d across my Macs.

Drop­box works exactly as they say it does. Files are uploaded in the back­ground as you work, in the case of Things, everytime I make a new task or tick one off a quick glance to the menu bar shows me my data­base is being uploaded. The moment I get home and wake my Mac it’s down­loaded and I’m ready to go. It’s been as seam­less as just using Things on one machine, I can­’t tell the dif­fer­ence, apart from hav­ing the same data­base avail­able on 3 Macs.

So because I’m feel­ing gen­er­ous, I have 8 invites for Drop­box to give away to the first 8 people to email me via the con­tact page.