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Quality Content

When I first start­ed writ­ing this post, it was about RSS and how I’ve been tak­ing stock of the web­sites I sub­scribe to and culling the ones that did­n’t meet my objec­tive of qual­i­ty con­tent. It turned into a post that doc­u­ment­ed my thoughts on what qual­i­ty con­tent is. Either way it was trig­gered by my feed read­er and the way I could weed out the chaff. It ulti­mate­ly rest­ed on how can I sort out the feeds I want to read rather than feel I need to read because I’m sub­scribed to them.
So rather than tell you about my cull of feeds, I want­ed to con­cen­trate on the cri­te­ria I used. I came up with a def­i­n­i­tion of what I feel qual­i­ty con­tent is and I’m sure many of you will agree with it. It runs along these lines:
Qual­i­ty con­tent comes in two forms.

  1. I enjoy read­ing it. It’s a blog that when I see has new con­tent I like to read it in Net­NewsWire, and it’s one of the blogs I begin read­ing in NNW and then arrow out to Safari to save for a bit lat­er when I can read it, enjoy it and digest it.
  2. It’s rel­e­vant. I have many dif­fer­ent inter­ests so if a blog is to remain in my feed col­lec­tion it has to be rel­e­vant to me. Most impor­tant­ly though, it has to make me think. If I’m chal­lenged by what I read and makes me con­sid­er an aspect of my life or my blog or an issue in the world, then it’s worth keeping.

I guess most of all, I have to con­nect with it.
Whilst I went about the cull it made me think about my own blog. The last few days I’ve been very con­scious that all I’ve done is post some links with my own thoughts. Whilst this is per­fect­ly accept­able I want to be more than just a link poster, I want to cre­ate that con­tent that would ensure I stay in my own feed read­er. So I’ve man­aged not to get too wor­ried about my lack of longer more con­sid­ered posts and instead focus on mak­ing sure that when the time comes the posts I do write are well thought out and engaging.
At the end of the day it all boils down to the same thing. I want qual­i­ty con­tent. I want in on my own blog, but I want it in my feed read­er. The best way to get that qual­i­ty con­tent, is to start pro­vid­ing it on your own blog and then reward­ing those that are already pro­vid­ing it by sub­scrib­ing. Either way, if you are giv­ing oth­ers qual­i­ty, they will give it to you.