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Originality in Web Design

Kyle Mey­er at Asther­ia ask an import­ant ques­tion about Ori­gin­al­ity in Web Design.

“What print design seems to have an advant­age in is that it is a phys­ic­al medi­um, using dif­fer­ent mater­i­als lead to inter­est­ing tex­tures, light­ing plays a factor, etc. But what’s to say that we can’t grab a scan­ner or digit­al cam­era and work these things into the digit­al medium?”

It’s a very inter­est­ing art­icle offer­ing some insight into the way he works and what triggered him to ask the ques­tion. It’s made me think a lot as well, not just about web design but also about my print design too. It’s an inspir­ing post, and a prime example of why he is in my feeds.