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Bullit NetNewsWire Style

Cameron Hunt has released a Net­NewsWire theme called Bul­lit.

Bul­lit is the style I devel­oped to read my RSS feeds on Net­NewsWire. Clar­i­ty and read­abil­i­ty were the most impor­tant fac­tors. Bul­lit uses 70% (and up to 700px) width for the read­ing col­umn. Body copy is 13px Luci­da Grande.

I’ve installed it and have to say it real­ly is a beau­ti­ful theme. Makes read­ing in my feed read­er a lit­tle more tempt­ing, it’s gonna be a chal­lenge to get me to read it on your site now. If your designs is good enough it will hap­pen. bit of a chal­lenge for you.