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MySpace Wins Fight for myspace.co.uk Domain Name

MySpace Wins Fight for myspace.co.uk Domain Name

When I first read the title I was annoyed and chalked up anoth­er point of why I don’t like MySpace. But this little snip­pet kinda made me change my mind, I still don’t like MySpace but I also don’t like how the use of the site appears to have been changed.

How­ever, the rul­ing, made by inde­pend­ent expert Ant­ony Gold, found that while myspace.co.uk had ini­tially been used to offer email ser­vices and mini-web­sites to sub­scribers it had changed its mod­el to exploit MySpace’s popularity.

TWS star­ted to use the myspace.co.uk address to lead to a ‘parked’ web page with advert­ise­ments for social net­work­ing web­sites includ­ing MySpace.

The arbit­rat­or decided that this was evid­ence of abus­ive regis­tra­tion, that TWS was profit­ing unfairly from the asso­ci­ation with MySpace.