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Switching to Birdfeeder

My feed is mov­ing. Well actu­ally the way I mon­it­or my feed is chan­ging. The last few weeks has seen a very slow response time from Feed­burn­er in deliv­er­ing stat­ist­ics about my feed. As a res­ult I’ve decided to use the Bird­feed­er Pep­per for Mint to do the mon­it­or­ing. It makes more sense to have all my stats mon­itored by the one piece of soft­ware1.

My feed can now be found at http://phil.electricweekend.com/feed so please check your feedread­ers are cor­rect. It should be ok, due to the way I was divert­ing my feeds any­way, but please do check to make sure. I’ve activ­ated the Feed­burn­er 30-day redir­ect, so you have that long to make sure you are sub­scribed tot he right feed.

I hope this does­n’t cause you too much trouble, but I think it’s a worth­while change, not to men­tion a neat­er look­ing feed url.

  1. And an excel­lent piece of soft­ware it is!?