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Interview With Michael Kelley

Ben Gray of openswitch, has an inter­est­ing inter­view with Michael Kel­ley, the writer of The Tough Say­ings Of Jesus II.

I wanted to high­light the last para­graph because it really struck some­thing with me, in par­tic­u­lar sentence.

To Paul it seems that beha­vi­or is simple: Under­stand who you are, then live out your ident­tiy. So in terms of encour­age­ment, I would say this: You can help a stu­dent know who they are in Christ. Then you can help them under­stand how to live out their iden­tity. Don’t bow to the easy way of just telling them not to have sex, get drunk, and use drugs. Tell them who they are.

I think this really nails what a lot of people seem to miss. I myself have been guilty of it, we as humans get too involved in try­ing to cor­rect people’s beha­viour that we don’t stop and look at the Bible. We should fol­low the lead of people like Paul, who focused on telling people who they are. The more they under­stand who they are, the more their beha­viour alters to reflect that and ulti­mately the closer to God.