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MarsEdit 2.1

A new release of MarsEd­it greet­ed me when I got home. It presents a few nice fea­tures s well as speed enhance­ments, I’ll let the MarsEd­it guys do the talking.

In sum­ma­ry, MarsEd­it 2.1 has a new search fea­ture, a new cap­sule-based tags edi­tor, sup­port for Mov­able Type tags, sup­port for sav­ing drafts to the serv­er, mas­sive­ly improved pre­view per­for­mance and usabil­i­ty, and a bunch of oth­er per­for­mance boosts and fea­ture tweaks.

One thing which I like and have want­ed since I got the app is the abil­i­ty to save drafts to the serv­er. I’ve want­ed to see this as occa­sion­al­ly I begin a post on the iMac and want to fin­ish it on my iBook and sync­ing was­n’t so easy. I was hop­ing that I’d be able to sync the posts using this new fea­ture, and using this hack

add a cat­e­go­ry “MarsDraft” to any of your posts, and when MarsEd­it sees the cat­e­go­ry, it will auto­mat­i­cal­ly assume that the post is to be treat­ed as a draft.

it kind of works. One sad thing though is that the draft appears in the pub­lished sec­tion under my blog title (but still as a draft), hope­ful­ly there will be some­way of mov­ing it to drafts until it is offi­cial­ly published.

Oth­er­wise a great release from the Red Sweater Soft­ware gang!

Edit: After a nice email exchange with Daniel I just want to clar­i­fy my post. That is expect­ed behav­iour at present, and my post has been tweaked to make it a lit­tle clear­er. Thanks for the response Daniel.