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BBC iPlayer to hit Macs in 2008

BBC iPlay­er to hit Macs in 2008

The BBC will launch a down­load ver­sion of its iPlay­er online video ser­vice for Apple Mac users by the end of 2008.

Finally, some pro­gress, although I like how they say 2008 and not a spe­cif­ic time in 2008. I guess we will be see­ing this in Decem­ber then?

On the oth­er hand, I’m inter­ested in how they are going to sort the DRM side of the down­loads. As far as I know the Win­dows play­ers uses Microsoft’s DRM and the videos expire after a week (or along those lines). Does this mean there is a new DRM on it’s way, or are the BBC going DRM free?