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iPlayer Downloading

An inter­est­ing nugget had just appeared in my feed read­er over lunch. A post on the BBC Inter­net blog talk­ing about the future of iPlay­er. Speci­fal­ly down­load­ing for offline view­ing.

Using Adobe Inte­grat­ed Run­time (AIR), we intend to make BBC iPlay­er down­load func­tion­al­i­ty avail­able on Mac, Lin­ux and Win­dows for the first time lat­er this year. What­ev­er plat­form you use, you’ll now be able to down­load TV pro­grammes from the BBC to watch lat­er — on the train, in the gar­den, or wher­ev­er you like.

Whilst I’m not so hap­py that it’s using a pro­pri­etary run­time like AIR, it’s nice to hear of progress for being able to down­load BBC con­tent onto my Mac.