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Inspiration: Benjamin Button

Every once in a while you stumble across some­thing that really inspires you. Some­thing that makes you remem­ber why you are in this game they call graph­ic design.
Benjamin Button-2
Many weeks ago Kev­in Cor­nell announced the reas­on for his 6 month hiatus and gave a sneaky glimpse of what he had been doing. I was a little intrigued but did­n’t really dwell on it. The the oth­er day I was brows­ing on Amazon and The Curi­ous Case of Ben­jamin But­ton sprang onto my screen. Mak­ing a bit of snap decision I decided I would make the pur­chase, it was­n’t expens­ive and I remembered see­ing the name on Kev­in’s blog.
Upon deliv­ery I was instantly pleased I’d bought it. The book feels very nice to hold, I like the slight tex­ture on the hard­back cov­er and the crisp paper of the pages coupled with the bind­ing give a very high qual­ity feel. Before I’d even read a word or seen one of Kev­in’s illus­tra­tions I was already feel­ing inspired.
As I began the story Kev­in’s illus­tra­tions began to height­en that inspir­a­tion. The draw­ings are fant­ast­ic, the com­bin­a­tion of draw­ing and water col­our work very well. They draw you into the story, com­pel­ling you to turn the page to not only find out what hap­pens but also to see Kev­in’s illustrations.
Benjamin Button-3
This is enhanced with the over­all pack­age of the book. Everything is drawn togeth­er per­fectly, the paper of the pages adds to the hand drawn illus­tra­tion and while everything is fin­ished so highly, I kind of had the feel­ing I was read­ing this from one of Kev­in’s sketch­books. But then the supreme qual­ity of the product makes you real­ise just too much work has gone into it for it to be a sketchbook.
Benjamin Button-4
It’s clear why Kev­in took 6 months off to com­plete this, and it’s backed up in the fin­ish­ing of the book from mater­i­als to bind­ing and the emboss­ing on the front. It’s truly inspired me when I needed it and cred­it has to be giv­en to Quirk Books for doing Kev­in’s work justice and for cre­at­ing such a com­plete pack­age. If a book can give people good user exper­i­ences, this one is top notch.