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Gmail’s Buggy IMAP Implementation

Gmail’s Buggy IMAP Implementation

Gmail’s labeling sys­tem could integ­rate mar­velously with IMAP cli­ents if only it used IMAP keywords. Instead, IMAP mail­boxes are used to rep­res­ent labels. All mes­sages (sent and received) are always avail­able in the “Gmail/[All Mail]” mail­box, so any time a mes­sage is labeled, a duplic­ate mes­sage is added to the label’s IMAP mail­box. IMAP cli­ents then receive sev­er­al cop­ies of the same mes­sage, none of which integ­rate with the cli­ent-side labeling sys­tem. If Gmail had instead used IMAP keywords, only one mes­sage would be needed and integ­ra­tion would be seamless.

Agreed. This is how I thought Google would imple­ment IMAP rather than in the man­ner they have. Either way I still use it, but I hope they let me choose wheth­er or not I want the All Mail folder to be sub­scribed to.

(Via Dar­ing Fire­ball.)