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From Moleskine to Market: Type Creation

Kris Sowersby from I Love Typo­graphy doc­u­ments his design pro­cess for a new typeface.

He tells us how he begins, what he does and I found it a thor­oughly fas­cin­at­ing read which answered a few ques­tion I’ve recently thought about (maybe I’m a bud­ding type designer!?!).

I found this quote par­tic­u­larly per­tin­ent and really think what it speaks of should be con­sidered and remembered by all graph­ic design­ers, not just those who cre­ate tyepfaces.

In terms of let­ter­forms, you can’t have the black without the white. It is the ten­sion and con­trast of the ‘foreground’ and ‘background’ that gives us the let­ter, the word, the sen­tence, the para­graph and ulti­mately the under­stand­ing of what the author has written.