I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

Blogging Is Blogging

I’ve been want­i­ng to sit down and blog for a while now, and I’ve had that age old prob­lem of not know­ing where to start. As I sat here try­ing to think about why I’m hav­ing trou­ble blog­ging, the thought came to me that until I start­ed to use the offline blog­ging tool MarsEd­it I did­n’t have much of an issue.
So, I hear the ques­tion being asked, “Why don’t you stop using it?”.
The sim­ple answer to that is I don’t want to. I like using the app, it’s a plea­sure to use. When I’m sat on my lap­top, hit­ting Cmd‑1 to post a link and a few thoughts about the page I have just read makes the sim­ple posts a plea­sure to use. Then there’s the advan­tage that I haven’t always got access to an inter­net con­nec­tion (although I do have it at home now!), so being able to work on a blog post with­out it is nice. I think the prob­lem stems from a deep­er root.
When I bought MarsEd­it, I think some­where a change in my mind­set occurred. I began to hoard a few titles in my local drafts, some slight­ly fleshed out while oth­ers were just titles with a sen­tence to remind me what the post was meant to be about. Now when I worked pure­ly in the Word­Press inter­face, I had the odd title but most of the time they did­n’t amount to much. But with MarsEd­it drafts I felt this pres­sure to write a back­log of posts so that I can just chuck one out when the tim­ing seems right. But it was­n’t just the pres­sure to write a back­log of posts, it was a pres­sure to write a back­log of arti­cles. Big long posts about some­thing. Now for many peo­ple this is what their blog is for, writ­ing big long posts about stuff. But I don’t work like that. Every time I try to do it, I fall flat on my face.
I guess what this post is doing is re-align­ing my focus. I’m not a blog­ger who can sit and write great long arti­cles, I don’t work like that. I’m not the great­est writer and I’m the first to admit that. I’ll leave the big long posts to the peo­ple who are good at it like Shawn and Mr. Gru­ber, what I will do is bring my blog­ging back to me. If I’m in the mood to blog and have an idea then that’s it, I’m gonna write about it. I’m not gonna jot down a title start a post and then leave it for revi­sions to be made, for me that’s not what blog­ging is about, that’s jour­nal­ism. I’ll just write when I want to and keep the links rolling.
With that I only have one more thing to say.
Hap­py 2008!