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2 Genius Leopard Tips

This after­noon I got annoyed. Annoyed by Mac. So I found a fix. My Find­er now works like it should be default and shows on all Spaces. It bugged the heck out of me that I switched me to anoth­er Space if I had left a win­dow open oth­er than in the cur­rent Space.

Show the Find­er in all spaces.

The sec­ond thing that bugged me was that I need­ed a .Mac account in order to sync my Address Book with Yahoo and ulti­mate­ly my iBook. What’s the point in that? For­tu­nate­ly I found a sim­ple solution.

Sync Address Book with Yahoo.

So until Busy­Mac make a ver­sion of Busy­Sync that sync’s the Address Book I’m sorted.