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So last night I had the pleas­ure of play­ing on a Wii. Man they are so fun! And I mean REALLY fun! It suc­cess­fully put some­thing back into play­ing com­puter games that I have felt has been miss­ing for a while now. Yep you guessed it that 3 let­ter word, fun.
At Uni, the guys here tend to chill out togeth­er with the PS2 and Pro Evo 6 but recently I’ve not been enjoy­ing it so much. The fun has left the game to a cer­tain extent, and has been replaced with com­pet­i­tion. Now a cer­tain amount of com­pet­i­tion is good and healthy, but when it gets to the extent it is on Evo now, the fun just van­ishes and it gets personal.
Now the Wii, was just fun. We only had 2 Wiimotes, but boy was it fun. We were box­ing, play­ing ten­nis, base­ball, racing cows, great fun. The girls were join­ing in as well, where­as nor­mally when the con­sole goes on they all van­ish from the room by half time of the first game. This time we had Sarah play­ing golf, Jen box­ing, and every­one laugh­ing, just great fun. Basic­ally these things are liv­ing up to the hype, it will depend what single play­er usage you can get out of it, but the Wii is gonna be huge. Whats worse is I now have two things I’m sav­ing up for, a Wii and an iPhone!

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  1. Wow! I don’t think I have seen the word “fun” writ­ten so much in a blog post 😛 It must be good! Lol.
    I think you are spot on say­ing it has put some­thing back into com­puter games which was miss­ing. I think it adds more user inter­activ­ity, per­haps stat­ing the obvi­ous but it is true. It allows you to get more involved with the game itself.
    I do think they’re great con­soles how­ever I can­’t see myself buy­ing one purely because I am not that inter­ested in game con­soles any­more. I have a PS2 and the only game I play on it is Pro Evo 6; the best foot­ball game EVER!
    You are going to have an expens­ive year by the sounds of it! A Wii and an iPhone. Wow! Expens­ive – But 2 great products!
    The only thing I am sav­ing up for is anoth­er sea­son tick­et (for Middles­brough) for next season…

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